📚 "Sushulou Lecture Hall" Cultural Lecture Series-Reading Series: "Eastern Han Dynasty View of Life and Death", March 27, 110

📚《素書樓講堂》文化系列講座 – 閱讀系列:「東漢生死觀」,110年3月27日

📚 "Sushulou Lecture Hall" Cultural Lecture Series-Reading Series-"Eastern Han Dynasty View on Life and Death"


"View of Life and Death in the Eastern Han Dynasty" is one of the four Chinese translations of Mr. Yu Yingshi's English works. The book is divided into three parts, talking about "life", "health" and "death". This is a wonderful study of "the history of ideas". With the background of the "Eastern Han Dynasty" and the theme of "life and death", Mr. Yu analyzed the origin, development, changes, and definitions of "ideas" in detail, and finally gave a clear The context is presented to the reader.


We believe that even if you put aside your serious academic viewpoints, this book is still worthy of your study and thinking. We know that "life and death" is an eternal and universal proposition. Through the pursuit of this problem, you are likely to find that you and the Eastern Han people two thousand years ago have unexpected similarities, and even span time and space to give you inspiration in this world.


At 14:00 on March 27 (Saturday), everyone is welcome to come to Qian Mu's former residence. Together with Teacher Fu Kechang and Mr. Yu Yingshi, I experienced the imagination, thinking and mood of the countless men, women, old, young, virtuous, stupid, expensive, and cheap in the distant historical China.


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