🔎 "Sushulou Lecture Hall" History and Life Lecture Series: "The Book of Emperor Qin Shihuang (4)", May 15, 110

🔎"Sushulou Lecture Hall" Historical Biography and Life Series-Lectures on Historical Characters-"Qin Shihuang Benji (4)", May 15, 110
A flash in the pan-Qin Shihuang Benji (4)​
"The Book of the First Emperor of Qin" records that Emperor Qin Shi Huang ascended the throne as King of Qin at the age of thirteen, and destroyed the six eastern kingdoms at the age of thirty-nine and unified the world. However, when the first emperor succeeded and set an unparalleled historical achievement, he began to be extravagant and prosperous again, moving towards an isolated and closed ending. "Benji of Qin Shihuang" describes the short-lived dynasty, and also narrates the life of the tragic figure Qin Shihuang in considerable detail. At 14:00 on May 15th (Saturday), Teacher Jiang Yitai will stage a quest for Qin at Qian Mu’s former residence, leading everyone to explore the final glory and destruction of Qin Shihuang’s turbulent life.​
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