🗡"Senior School" Spring April Course: "Unsolved Mysteries of History Textbook"


[Senior School's April Course of 110]

Event name:Elderly School: History Textbook Unsolved Mystery Series

Activity time:2021/04/07~2021/04/28, every Wednesday afternoon 15:00-17:00

Activity phone:02-28805809

Event fare:Free (pre-registration required)

Event Location:Room C512, 5th Floor, Qinpu Building, Taipei City University (No. 1, Aiguo West Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City)

Event speaker:Teacher Li Yifeng

Activity introduction:

(1) China during the Eight-Year War of Resistance

The "Seven-Seven Lugou Bridge Incident" fired the first shot of China's anti-Japanese war. In the following eight years, the vast China can be divided into three regions: 1. The area occupied by the Japanese; 2. The area still controlled by the Nationalist government; 3. The area affected by the war. The people of these three regions lead completely different lives. In some places, there are horses running and dancing; some places are ravaged by war and become barren; some places are not occupied by the Japanese, but they are constantly bombed day and night. …The teacher didn’t say, the movie didn’t play, and there were not many written stories. We spent 120 minutes to tell the story clearly.

(2) Three strong women in Chinese history

Lu pheasant of the Han Dynasty, Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty, and Cixi of the Qing Dynasty were regarded as the most powerful women in history. Women's social status in Chinese history has always been low, but these strong women will not miss any opportunities that history gives them! Empress Lu is the first queen and the first empress dowager in Chinese history. Her historical positioning is very special, and her personality traits are even more distinctive. She has a pitiful side and a terrible side. Wu Zetian is the only female emperor in Chinese history. After Tang Gaozong's death, her journey to the throne went for seven years. In these years, there were countless resistance and limited assistance by her side. Eventually Wu Zhou usurped Tang, but Empress Wu finally Didn't become a sinner, why? There are so many stories about the Queen Mother, but what else do most people don’t know?

(3) The sins and faults in the heyday of Kangxi and Qianlong

The Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong dynasties lasted 115 years (1684-1799). This is more than one hundred years of the Qing Empire's glory, but it has planted the decadence of the late Qing Dynasty for more than one hundred years. These three emperors ruled. During the period, there were famous ministers and corrupt officials like He Shen. The Qing Dynasty played a very special role in the world in those years. We will use 120 minutes to analyze the bits and pieces of those years.

(4) The legendary story of the Four Young Masters of the Warring States Period

The four sons of the Warring States Period are: Lord Xinling-Wei Wuji; Lord Chunshen-Huang Xie; Lord Mengchang-Tian Wen; Lord Pingyuan-Zhao Sheng. These four princes have tied the country’s security to one in the era of wars of war. Later historians have different evaluations of these four princes, although they ultimately failed to make their country resist Qin. The annexation of the world, but the world is so big, these four people can be famous for thousands of years, and there are bound to be many places worthy of emulation by later generations. It is said that people who understand the story of the Four Great Masters of the Warring States Period can achieve success ten years earlier. Let us understand them together!

organizer:Qian Mu's Former Residence

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