🤗 "Senior School" Mid-Spring March Course: "Comfortable Zen and Harmonious Pastel"



Hi hi, last year's highly acclaimed zen lap painting course is here again! The so-called Zen painting is an emerging creative experience that expresses pressure and is unrestrained. It is very simple and requires no foundation. As long as you can pick up the pen, you can enjoy it. Starting from one stroke by one drawing and slowly constructing a pattern, you will find yourself in a state of relaxation and concentration, pleasant and calm.

In this year’s course, we have added the element of pastel. We invite everyone to sit in harmony and soothing beautiful colors from 2pm to 4pm every Friday in March, slow down the pace of the soul, and listen to the inspiration in the heart. , Feel this art spring leisurely~

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#Angela Music Art Studio

Event name:Elderly School: Comfortable Zen and Harmonious Pastel

Activity time:2021/03/05~2021/03/26, every Friday afternoon 14:00-16:00

Activity phone:02-28805809

Event fare:Zen lap painting: no self-provided materials, the material fee is 250 yuan/person, and pre-registration is required.

Pastel painting: The material fee is 250 yuan/person (including pastel and special works paper, erasable version, soft eraser, finalized glue, etc.), and registration is required in advance.

Bring your own tools: eraser, utility knife, pencil, small rag (or wet paper towel, for wiping hands), A4 waste paper (blank on one side), cotton swab, cotton swab, cutting pad

Event Location:Room C515, 5th Floor, Qinpu Building, Taipei City University (No. 1, Aiguo West Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City)

Event speaker:Yaqi Leung and Teacher Angela

Activity introduction:Don't say you can't paint, you just haven't found a way yet! ZentangleR: A simple, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-learn drawing method that everyone can use. Through structured teaching, various artistic patterns can be combined.

Harmonious pastels originating from Japan are an art that is easy to use fingers and simple drawing creation. There is no need for any painting foundation, and the media and tools used are easily accessible in daily life. Through simple drawing methods, colorful works can be completed, so that people can express their mood and feel joy and tranquility.