Visiting traffic route

Visiting notice

  1. The museum is free to visit.
  2. Fireworks, eating, talking, running, bringing pets (except guide dogs) or dangerous items are strictly prohibited in this museum; please cooperate with the guidance of service personnel and maintain order and cleanliness in the museum.
  3. Please take good care of the cultural relics displayed in this museum. Any damage to the exhibits or related facilities shall be liable for compensation.
  4. Children under ten years old should be led by an adult.
  5. Please do not take any video without permission in the museum.

Guide method and reservation method

  1. "Telephone Appointment" Personal Guide (including documentary viewing): Due to space and staff limitations, the personal guide and documentary viewing are carried out by "phone appointment". The minimum number of group reservations is 3 people, and the maximum number of people is 30 (number of people) If you exceed the limit, you need to tour in batches, thank you), please apply to the museum at least "two days before the visit" (so that the museum can arrange guides, thank you), please inform the reservation group name, contact person, phone number, The number of visitors to the museum, the appointment date and time, and the list of VIPs will be confirmed with the museum.
  2. "Fixed time" guided tour: The museum is open every Tuesday morning from 09:00 to 12:00, Wednesday afternoon from 14:00 to 17:00, and every Thursday morning from 09:00 to 12:00 (a total of three time slots) , There will always be a cultural volunteer to conduct the tour. As long as you visit the museum during this period, you don’t need to make an appointment in advance, and you can have a dedicated person to give the whole museum tour service. However, cultural volunteers sometimes ask for leave for some reasons. If you want to hear the guided tour, please use the "phone appointment" method to make an appointment "two days before the visit". Thank you.
  3. Multimedia navigation system: The museum wants to serve people who wish to visit freely and do not need a personal guide service. A multimedia navigation system is set up in the living room on the first floor and the study room on the second floor. Provided by Shulou Cultural and Educational Foundation. The copyright belongs to the Sushulou Cultural and Educational Foundation. Please do not record, video or download, so as not to violate the law, thank you), with subtitles, you can relive Mr. Qian Mu’s style of lectures that year.
  4. The Republic of China Study Style Activities: At present, the mainland has a lot of respect for academic research during the Republic of China. As a contemporary master of Chinese studies, Mr. Qian Mu is one of his respected masters. Therefore, Qian Mu’s former residence newly held the "Republic of China Study Style Series Activities."Brochure download.Application Form DownloadPlace.


  1. If you are driving or taking a tour bus, please inform in advance so that you can arrange a parking space. The "small slope in front of the Red Gate" can be temporarily stopped for small buses.
  2. Those who take public transportation can take the MRT Danshui Line and get off at Shilin MRT Station, go to the exit (Exit 1) in the direction of Zhongzheng Intersection, and then take the bus (304, red 30, 255, 620, small 18, small 19) to the east Wu University Station, walk straight to the end from the entrance of Soochow University.