💡【Registration information, schedule】"Mr. Qian Binsi's Book Reading Club": "Chinese Thought History Series" series, 111 years​

You are currently viewing 💡【報名資訊、日程表】《錢賓四先生著作讀書會》 :「中國思想史論叢」系列,111年​

💡【Registration information, schedule】"Mr. Qian Binsi's Book Reading Club": "Chinese Thought History Series" series, 111 years​

Dear old rain, new knowledge and good friends: The schedule of "Mr. Qian Binsi's Book Reading Club" in 2011 is starting! "Mr. Qian Binsi's Writings Reading Club" is to inherit the thoughts of Mr. Qian Mu, so that everyone can understand the rich connotation of traditional culture. In the past ten years, the "Sushulou Cultural and Educational Foundation of Consortium" has donated Mr. Qian's works to reading for free. The members of the association, every two weeks, gather in the quiet teahouse of the former residence to discuss the experience of reading and life in a happy and joyful manner.​

Following the "Outline of National History" in 2011, this year, our bibliography is the "Chinese Thought History Series" series. Although the title of the book appears to be "hard" at first glance, in fact, this series of books, which brings together Mr. Bin Si's 60 years of discussing the academic thoughts of the past dynasties in China, but does not include individual essays in various books, can be said to be "weak water". Three thousand", "Pearl and jade full hall". There are not only the interesting research paper "Ancient Northern China Crops Research", but also the eloquent reading experience "Reading the "Six Patriarchs". We believe that whether researchers in various fields, or people and students who love history and culture, they can find their favorite chapters and gain something from it!​

"Mr. Qian Binsi's Books Reading Club" is hosted by Mr. Qin Zhaofen, the executive director of Qian Mu's former residence. All the public are welcome to join. We do not limit the age and do not require basic knowledge. We invite all reading seeds who are eager to learn and think deeply to participate! The reading club is completely free, free to attend the class, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Even if you sometimes cannot come to Sushulou in person for some reason, we also provide online live broadcasts. Friends who are interested in participating, please fill out our registration form and let us know you!​

🚪Any door of registration website:https://reurl.cc/Ep2NRn​

📆Event time: every other Saturday in 111 (see the schedule for details), 10:00-12:00 in the morning​

🏡Venue: Qian Mu’s Former Residence Humanities Tea House (72 Linxi Road, Shilin District, Taipei City), live online​

👨‍🏫Event host: Mr. Qin Zhaofen​

🔔Event fee: Free, and free reading list​

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class time bibliography
January 15 / 10-12:00 The first meeting (distribute a book, explain the content of the reading discussion)
February 19 / 10-12:00 "Chinese Thought History Series" 1 ~ 5-11
March 05 / 10-12:00 "Chinese Thought History Series" 2~1-10
March 19 / 10-12pm "Chinese Thought History Series" 2~11-22
April 09 / 10-12:00 "Chinese Thought History Series" 2~23-33
April 23 / 10-12:00 "Chinese Thought History Series" 3 ~ 1-12
May 07 / 10-12:00 "Chinese Thought History Series" 3~13-24
May 21st / 10-12pm "Chinese Thought History Series" 4~1-10
June 11 / 10-12:00 "Chinese Thought History Series" 4~11-20, appendix
June 25 / 10-12:00 "Chinese Thought History Series" 5-1-10
September 03 / 10-12:00 "Chinese Thought History Series" 5-11-20
September 17 / 10-12:00 "Chinese Thought History Series" VI
October 1st / 10-12pm "Chinese Thought History Series" 7-1-10
October 15th / 10-12pm "Chinese Thought History Series" 7-11-21
November 5th / 10-12pm "Chinese Thought History Series" 8-1-11
November 19 / 10-12 pm "Chinese Thought History Series" 8-12-25
December 3rd / 10-12pm "Chinese Thought History Series" 8-26-37, appendix
December 17th / 10-12pm "Chinese Thought History Series" 9 ~ 1-15.