🎙️[Yangchun Noodle Choir] Qian Mu’s Former Residence Garden Concert: "Warmth in the World", October 9, 110​

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🎙️[Yangchun Noodle Choir] Qian Mu’s Former Residence Garden Concert: "Warmth in the World", October 9, 110​

Hello, friends, the traditional annual event "Tanabata Garden Concert" in Qian Mu's former residence, although it is late!​

Due to the epidemic this year, everyone has faced many difficulties and struggles. However, it is also during this time that we have the opportunity and time to experience our lives. We are grateful for the sacrifice and dedication of the epidemic prevention personnel. During our stay at home, we had a rare time with our partners and family. Even through the distance, relatives and friends care about each other's health every day. Through self-discipline and mutual assistance, everyone passed this difficult period. We see that there is really warmth everywhere in the world.​

Therefore, the former residence of Qian Mu solemnly invited the "Yangchun Noodle Chorus", especially with the theme of "Warmth in the World", and selected those classic songs that tell love and hope. I hope that at this moment when the epidemic is slowing down, but still severe, I can bring you a good time with singing, inspire the spirit, and continue to embrace life!​

This concert is free to enter and enjoy free. Welcome everyone to come to Qian Mu's former residence in this autumnal season, if you pretend to be in music, spend the first day of the holiday:)​​

📆Activity time: October 9, 110 (Saturday), evening 14:00 – 16:00​

🏡Venue: Qian Mu's former residence (72 Linxi Road, Shilin District, Taipei City)​

👨‍🏫Activity performance: Yangchun Noodle Chorus​

🔔Activity fee: free admission, no tickets required​

🚪Any door of registration website:https://reurl.cc/6D0A8y (Limited to 18 people, due to the active registration, 6 people will be added for a total of 24 people!)​

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